• What is the date on the top of my jar? The date on the top of your jar is the month and year that it will expire.
  • How long and where do I store my jam? Unopened jars may be stored in a cool, dry place for up to the date on the top of the jar. Opened jars may be stored in your refrigerator for up to one month after opening. 
  • How do I open my jar? First, unscrew the ring and then use the edge of a spoon to pop open the flat lid. It will pop! This is normal due to the canning process. It keeps your jam safe and fresh.
  • Can I reuse my jar? Yes! There are endless amounts of crafts that you can do with mason jars. Look some ideas up on Pinterest! You can keep the lids as well for crafting purposes but you may not reuse them to "can" again. The seal will not be good. 
  • My jar was broken when it came to me. Email me with a picture of the packaging and how it came to you broken and I will file a claim with my mail carrier and send you a new jam free of charge.