Purity is the difference.

We pride ourselves in the the fact that our products DO NOT contain any added chemical preservatives. There is actually no need too; so we're unsure of why other companies do. Depending on the product, there is only ever: fruits, vegetables, sugar, vinegar, spices, butter or pectin.

A little bit of love in every jar.

Here at IB Jammin, you have the freedom to play it safe with some of our more common favorites or get adventurous and try some that you'll never find in stores. We're passionate about food to say the least, so know that there's a whole lot of love put in to every jar.

Celebrating what the seasons have to offer.

Certain fruits are only in season for a short time throughout the year. Some flavors we will always have in stock, but others we might take off the website for a season or two. We roll out new flavors every few months, so check in often and follow our social media pages for updates and exciting new recipe ideas!